DRUG LAB 118 launches new distribution drive.














DRUG LAB 118 has recently launched a global campaign, #NotInMyDrink to raise awareness of the risk of drink spiking. The campaign features a unique and patented product, the Drink Detective. The DrinkDetective is only drug detection test in the world to be able to detect all of the most common drug groups used in drink spiking, GHB, Ketamine, and Rohypnol. With the new campaign and the Drink Detective, coupled with the continued development of all of the DRUG LAB 118 products, the result is an increase in demand for DRUG LAB 118 products.

As a consequence DRUG LAB 118 urgently seeks new distribution and sales partners. We seek partners who have the vision and commitment to help position our products in markets where drugs have a significant and detrimental social impact.

The reduction of drug related crime is our mission, while working with our partners to develop new and innovative drug detection solutions.

Contact DRUG LAB 118 now and join our team.