The Problem

Borders and ports are the entrance and exit points for all conveyances, goods, and people entering or departing a country. Controlling borders and ports is vital in order to uphold the law of a country and to prevent the flow of contraband – including illegal drugs. All borders, seaports, and airports are vulnerable to the threat of drugs flowing in and out of a country.

By curtailing the flow of drugs across borders, law enforcement organisations can control and reduce drug availability within a country. In turn, this can impact the consequences of drug abuse and trafficking within communities.

Drug trafficking is an increasing problem. Drug traffickers are becoming more creative with their methods of smuggling and, consequently, the ability to detect illicit drugs requires innovative search and detection solutions.


How can Drug Lab 118 help?

Drug Lab 118 has developed non-invasive, drug detection technologies that can be used in almost any ‘stop-and-search’ situation such as during airport customs searches, sea and air freight inspections, or at any entry by which goods or people access our borders.

The Products


The NH2 can detect amines found in all hallucinogenic drugs. It is a colorimetric test that instantly detects all illicit substances that are based on chemical aminesincluding common recreational drugs such as:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Amphetamines (MDMA)
  • LSD

Most psychoactive substances (and hence most illegal drugs) contain amines. The NH2 is the only available instant swab-based test for amines. Through its unique science, the NH2 facilitates the instant and effective screening of people and cargo – making it a valuable tool in the detection of illicit substances at all borders and ports of entry.


The THC colorimetric test instantly detects all cannabinoids, including:

  • Cannabis resin
  • Lebanese gold
  • Marijuana
  • THC oil

The test chemistry produces a colour change with cannabinoids. Similar to the NH2 in application, the THC test is the only available instant swab-based test for cannabinoids.

Drug Lab 118 products can act as a powerful detection and deterrent solution in protecting our borders from the illegal importation of illicit substances. 

See the specific NH2 and THC product tabs for further details.


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