DRUG LAB 118 launches new distribution drive.

                        DRUG LAB 118 has recently launched a global campaign, #NotInMyDrink to raise awareness of the risk of drink spiking. The campaign features a unique and patented product, the Drink Detective. The DrinkDetective is only drug detection test in the world to be able to…

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Drug Lab 118 launches the ‘Not In My Drink’ Campaign

        Drug Lab 118 announces the launch of its campaign against Drink Spiking:   A Message From Colin Lyon, CEO and Co-Founder  The #NotInMyDrink movement has been created in response to the rise of Drink Spiking across society. The increasing use of drugs to incapacitate people for the purpose of sexual assault…

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National health alert over ‘legal highs’ after string of deaths

‘Legal highs’, ‘synthetic drugs’ and ‘designer drugs’ all pose great concern to society today – both from health and law-enforcement perspectives . The use of these types of drugs is increasing enormously because they are relatively cheap and readily available. Furthermore, as their compositions are constantly changing in order to escape ‘illegal drug’ status, it…

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Four collapse following suspected drink spiking spate

http://www.itv.com/news/channel/update/2015-09-07/four-collapse-following-suspected-drink-spiking-spate/   7 September 2015 at 2:44pm Four collapse following suspected drink spiking spate Credit: /PA Archive/PA Images Four people in Guernsey collapsed whilst out in town on Saturday night after a suspected drink spiking spate. None of the victims – three men and one woman – knew each other and were found at different…

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