DRUG LAB 118 Limited corporate team.

Drug Lab 118 has a diverse management team with expertise in forensic science and toxicology, life sciences and industrial design, as well as strong commercial and communication skills. Supporting the core team are a global network of specially selected representatives, they are responsible for introducing Drug Lab 118’s drug detection tests across five continents. They provide education and communication of our products to consumers and companies, and share our goal to reduce drug-related crime everywhere.

Colin Lyon

CEO & Director

With over 30 years of international experience in product, brand and business development, Colin has successfully developed businesses for some of the most prominent global consumer product companies in the world. Colin co-founded Drug Lab 118 and leads the Drug Lab 118 business.



EMail: colin.lyon@druglab118.com

Mobile: +31650502620

Kylie Bergman


Kylie has a background in cultural anthropology and non-profit event management. Kylie leads our brand development and consumer engagement strategies as well as overseeing the Drug Lab 118 trade and media communications.

Jim Campbell

Chief Scientific Officer

Jim Campbell is one of the founders and inventors of Drug Lab 118 testing technologies.

Jim is a former Home Office Forensic Scientist and was trained as an analytical chemist and toxicologist in criminalistics and drug abuse. His areas of expertise included toxicology, drug and alcohol cases, drug and drug-precursor detection and analysis.

Jim formed an independent forensic science laboratory and founded SureScreen Diagnostics to introduce new methods of drug analysis into the industry. Jim and SureScreen are key strategic partners in developing new testing solutions and technologies for Drug Lab 118.

Stanley Grossman


A former Mathematics professor, Stanley is one of the original founders of the business that underpins Drug Lab 118. Stanley is supporting Drug Lab 118 through the development of new business opportunities across all markets.


Sales and distribution contacts by country

Netherlands and Belgium Sales and Distribution

Contact Alex Peiksma at druglab@peiksma.com  or call +31 (0)164 74 10 78 for further information.

South Korea & Japan

Please contact, Discreet Services – Daegu City, Dong-gu, Bangchon-dong – www.discreet-services.com

Austria + Sales and distribution

Countries include:













For further information please contact 

Email: sales@druglab118.com

United Kingdom Sales and Distribution

Contact colin.lyon@druglab118.com for information related to our products and there availability in the UK.